FR1 Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin | 2 gallon kit

FR1-2GLk – Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin for bars and tables. (2 gallon kit)

FR1-2GLk – Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin for bars and tables. (2 gallon kit)


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FR1 Crystal Clear Epoxy resin by FIBERS & RESINS.  Especially formulated for bars and tables. (2 gallon kit | Includes: 1 gallon resin and 1 gallon hardener – Total ounces = 256 ounces – Total liters = 7.57L).

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The FR1 Crystal Clear Epoxy resin is a clear coating that is mixed at a 1 to 1 ratio by volume. The FR1 cures to a clear, high build, glass-like finish that resists scratching, yellowing and will not distort with age.  This product is widely used on bar counters, table tops, pennies tables and bottle cap tables, river tables and on art pieces to protect and finish the piece. It will not blush or sweat out under high humidity conditions. Please note that although the FR1 will resist yellowing better than other epoxies it is NOT 100% UV resistant. Continuous outdoor UV exposure over months or years will cause the finish to lose its gloss, cause gradual changes in color and possibly warp.  We recommend it for indoor use only, with no exposure to UV lights or indirect sunlight.

  1. Measure equal parts of resin and hardener.
  2. Carefully stir without lifting stick and do not whip.
  3. Pour over leveled surface.
  4. Burst bubbles.
  5. Let it cure.

For best results, make sure to completely read our Application Guide and review our Products FAQs for additional pointers on how to use the FR1 Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin.

How much FR1 Crystal Clear epoxy should you buy will depend on the size of your project. To make it easy for you, we’ve created a calculator that will help you determine how much product you will need.  Please see the “Small Project Calculator” if you’re using inches for measurements or the “Large Project Calculator” if you’re measuring by the foot.

Wood needs to be sealed to prevent air in the pores from turning into very little bubbles when you apply the flood coat. The seal coat is a thin brushed on layer that is used for this purpose. For most applications the wood surface on the bar or table should be sanded first, cleaned and dust free before applying the seal coat. Keep in mind that very porous woods, such as barn wood, may require several seal coats. In this case, you may be better off using an oil-based polyurethane to seal the wood, since it’s not as easily absorbed as the epoxy. If you use polyurethane, please wait 48 hours before you pour your first flood coat of epoxy resin.
The flood coat is poured and self-levels at approximately 1/8″thickness. If depths thicker than 1/8″ are desired, multiple coats are necessary. However, keep in mind that after 1/2″ thickness, the epoxy will have a slight amber color to it. Also, you must wait at least 4 hours between each epoxy seal coat and each additional flood coat. You want the surface to still be tacky, when you apply each coat. If the seal or flood coat dried before you could apply your additional coat or if you’re using stains, please read our Product FAQs for further guidelines.
Note: Not all surfaces require a seal coat.  If you’re not sure, feel free to ask us by e-mail or call us, text us or fax us on our toll-free 1(844) MYEPOXY (Continental US and Canada).