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*How long you stir will depend on the quantity being mixed. For detailed instructions make sure to read FR1’s application guide.

FR1 is one of the best epoxy resins available! It was developed to maximize gloss and transparency.

It is widely used for many different applications including commercial restaurant tables and bar tops for a clear, durable and glass-like finish. Other usages include embedding and encapsulating LED lights, coins, bottle caps, photo keepsakes and many other objects. The possibilities are endless.

An application guide is provided for wood surfaces.  However, it can be used over copper and concrete counter tops, and many other surfaces.  Please make sure to review our Frequently Asked Questions for more tips.

Our customers are constantly experimenting and using the FR1 Crystal Clear Epoxy resin for such items as the popular river tables, canvas artwork, game tables (including those for dominos), resin art pieces, jewelry and many other artistic purposes. It can be used with most pigments to produce some very beautiful, colorful creations.

Although the FR1 epoxy is easy to use; we recommend doing a small practice run first so you can become familiar with how it works.

For best results, make sure to read the complete Application Guide before use and the Product FAQs for additional tips.

Here are some of our customer’s creations!