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This Is a Test

FR1 Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin is the #1 choice for woodworking professionals, artists and do-it-yourselfers! The FR1 epoxy resin is a clear polymer coating that is mixed together at a 1:1 mixing ratio. It cures to a clear, glossy, glass like finish that resists scratching, yellowing and will not distort with age. It is very popular for use on bar counter tops, restaurant tables, penny / bottle cap tables, river tables and for many other artistic applications. It will not blush or sweat out under high humidity conditions. However, we recommend it for indoor use only.  Please note that although the FR1 crystal clear epoxy resin will resist yellowing better than other epoxies it is NOT 100% UV resistant. Continuous outdoor UV exposure will cause the finish to lose its gloss, cause gradual changes in color and possibly warp.

Although we only provide application instructions for use on wood surfaces.  Our customers keep surprising us with many other artistic applications, such as resin art, the process of mixing FR1 crystal clear epoxy resin with pigments to create an incredible array of colors for canvas art pieces, river tables, etc.  Other do-it-yourselfers also use it to create beautiful memory keepsakes on coasters, tables, etc. just by embedding pictures of their loved ones in their wonderful art creations.  The possibilities are endless.

FR1 - Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin (16 gallon kit) to use on river tables, bars and tables counter tops.